KS4 Standardising, Speaking and Sharing resources

KS4 – CA’s, Speaking and Listenings and Standardising

This has been my first experience of standardising – a huge amount of Y11 folders, a slightly frantic department, and ultimately a question of timing. There’s not enough to do all the written CA’s in Year 11, AND teach to the exams, yet our Y10’s don’t possess the fluency to write in a ‘sophisticated and impressive’ (mark scheme quote) style. It’s a hard call to make. I found it really helpful to read through so many essays however, and found myself developing the ‘feel’ factor as to which band each belonged on first reading, and then scrutinising for specific marks on the second reading, and was pleased that I was able to do this successfully inline with the rest of the English team. Moreover, it’s helped me get a real feel for marking my own Y10 CA’s. That’s next week’s job! A quick scan satisfied me that the class have done a great job on a really complex, integrated, multi modal task.

I’m in on the first year of teaching the CA task (Explore How relationships are presented in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and Sylvia Plath’s poetry) in this style, so have had to create resources that have drawn heavily on my Shakespeare on Film module at Uni (bearing in mind that this was 8 years ago!). The department loved them though, so they’re hopefully going to get lots of use. Here’s some of it…



I’m also working with the Y10’s on their Discussion based S&L (Although AQA is devaluing these next year, so that they are required but not rewarded!). I’m using the debate challenge cards that I got from a R&D session at my second placement school back in January, and they are PEACHY perfect! I sequenced the tasks so that the groups first had to categorise the cards to ensure cognitive processing, followed by using them in debate to live, ‘self-scaffold’ a model of good debate practice. It worked so well,and produced quality discussion and interaction.




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