Can’t see the World for the Walnut?


One of the teachers I share a class with is a bit seriously brilliant. She recently shared this brilliant motivational clip from SOUL SURFER with me, which I’m going to use with my tired Y9’s as a stimulus for discussing and discovering the POINT of EOY Assessments. Followed by a dazzling growth mindset pep talk. Yes. My cup is still very much half FULL.

I’m also going to use google maps to re-inforce the idea in the clip, that we all need some wider world perspective to motivate us to focus on the challenges in front of us – so I’ll flash up super zoomed in satellite pictures of familiar local buildings for the pupils to guess, and zoom out to locate. Final one will be the English department, housing our looming EOY assessment, with a big reveal to the world as our oyster … love it … and admit it, we all need cheese sometimes :D


About Charis Victoria

It's all home-ed home-stead up here in Newcastle UK. Writing about growing all sorts of things (yet more kale, little hearts and minds, a relationship with God, a city church) and wondering how this all happened - wasn't I meant to be a foreign correspondent?!

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I'm training as a teacher on the School Direct route. It's new this year and puts me in the classroom more than a traditional PGCE. I'm also training for a marathon and really enjoy running. But not so much in winter. I've been blessed with a gorgeous hub and 2 awesome kids who are 3 and 1 and being total dudes about me going back to work full-time. And that is pretty much that.
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