Learning Motivation

The data for Y7 is in from module 2, so I started scanning the stats, with one boy in particular causing me concern, His behaviour had already marked him apart, and his target grade was slipping away from him he dropped rather than climbed sub-levels. Intervention time. We had a chat. Turns out he’d had a chat too – last night in fact – with a parent, about how schools do things the wrong way round, and don’t bother finding out what knowledge kids want, or would find useful, to learn.
We agreed that I would find ways to make learning more relevant, and focus on linking it to real life learning and really working the constructivist pedagogy. Challenge accepted. Starting with a de Bono thinking hats reflective exercise, and moving into a more varied and mulit-modal approach to the Shakespeare play we are studying, and making more explicit the life skills that the pupils employ during Kagan structure activities, drama and peer work. Sounds right, but also looking for really simple pegs to hang things on for this kid in particular. Keep you posted when I’ve come up with a row…


About Charis Victoria

It's all home-ed home-stead up here in Newcastle UK. Writing about growing all sorts of things (yet more kale, little hearts and minds, a relationship with God, a city church) and wondering how this all happened - wasn't I meant to be a foreign correspondent?!

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I'm training as a teacher on the School Direct route. It's new this year and puts me in the classroom more than a traditional PGCE. I'm also training for a marathon and really enjoy running. But not so much in winter. I've been blessed with a gorgeous hub and 2 awesome kids who are 3 and 1 and being total dudes about me going back to work full-time. And that is pretty much that.
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