Assessment for … aching?!



After 3 solid hours of marking, I was very pleased with my pile of proof. I’m not as familiar with these classes which has pros and cons…

PROS: Genuinely unbiased marking
CONS: Not able to be as perceptive or tailored as I would have liked

This was a maintenance marking cycle, but I still endeavored to make comments and set improvement targets where possible – particularly with a year 8 class whose test results next week may be influenced by the feedback I provided. I also had a chance to practice levelling some rich assessed work with my mentor last week, and am hoping to get a chance to practice further with the APP tests that we’re doing with our classes next week.



Key lesson learned with my Y7 – be clear that they can answer the question on the board without copying the whole thing down – starting to understand where some of the time seems to slip away from us. I appreciate this may well be a confidence issue, so will continue to use sentence starter options to ensure a speedy exit from the blocks on extended writing.

Meaningful Marking
This s the big one -and I chatted to a GTP who passed on some great ideas about how to engage in the dialogue of improvement with pupils by using simple Student / Teacher / Student  comment boxes after written work or an AFL orientated KLL grid at the introduction of a topic to record what pupils already know (apparently thats about 40% of what we go on to teach them!) to inform the baseline for progression, then what would like to know how to do, and finally, at the end, what they have learned.

Low tech, effective and purposeful.

Last up – at Uni the other day we also had a go at marking KS4 speaking and listening video exams with an AQA mark scheme…. HARD! Hattie. Need I say more?!



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