Learning Journey

David Didau raves about them, and I enjoyed a very aspirational version delivered by my HOD in School 1 some time ago in conjunction with a SOLO lesson. (Yes. Solo. Like.) Although I only have 2 lessons left with most of my classes before this placement finishes, I’ve decided to try a Learning Journey rather than Lesson Objectives with a lower ability Y10 class that I’m still expecting a lot from.

Here’s the journey (I should make you guess for a starter no? No? OK… using our homework plans to apply to a task, developing our own class success criteria based on prior learning, then writing this up into a wonderful piece of work and finishing with a post it plenary to assess progress and determine direction.)

learning journey

I’ll add a comment on how it goes down…


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It's all home-ed home-stead up here in Newcastle UK. Writing about growing all sorts of things (yet more kale, little hearts and minds, a relationship with God, a city church) and wondering how this all happened - wasn't I meant to be a foreign correspondent?!

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