Differentiation in action…

We’re in school for the full week. Which gives me a chance to do some observing for 2 days before my timetable kicks back in on Wednesday. I feel able to focus my observations more meaningfully now, so it was fantastic to watch my mentor teach the same lesson twice, but aimed at two different ability classes.

Afterwards we were able to talk about the change in her style and her expectations. My scribbled notes are attached (oh yes, I now have a combi Printer/Scanner…and did I mention that my sister also bought me a laminator – which I think will give me an edge in interview no?)

Anyway… here’s a summary of my reflections on the lessons:

– Always have high expectations, regardless of the class ability level

– Make scaffolding subtle, to encourage confident autonomy (even if, in fact, you’re masterfully manoeuvering the class)

– Silent work, post-discussion, benefits articulate classes, as it focuses their efforts and captures their conversations

– Increase depth of evidence required by higher ability students, but require the same effort from everybody, all the time, me included.

Back to lesson planning then…Lesson Obs 4 Feb 13 v2


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It's all home-ed home-stead up here in Newcastle UK. Writing about growing all sorts of things (yet more kale, little hearts and minds, a relationship with God, a city church) and wondering how this all happened - wasn't I meant to be a foreign correspondent?!

One response to “Differentiation in action…

  1. Rene Koglbauer

    Another worth-while experience it seems. The question this reflection raises is whether or not the differentation was at pupils- or class-level? How was the work differentiated for the less able pupils within the lower set?

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